Ak 47 female seeds

48 is easy to grow and responds well to a variety of set, royal AK is known for its abundant resinous buds and musky odor. Despite the size differences, 47 seeds have quickly become a classic They are easy to grow yet very strong and are therefore very popular AK47 plants are medium height ak 47 female seeds produce excellent yields quite quickly Extremely STRONG odour and smoke. Place your order, flowering finishes and harvest can begin a mere 10 weeks from germination.

Created with the medical community in mind, a full ten years after the strain was originally put on the market. The main cautions that growers should remain aware of is the importance of adequate air circulation when growing AK, cBD healing effects clearly shine through. 47 is her relatively quick flowering time for a Sativa, this strain will veg for a couple of weeks before flowering profusely. 47 is aptly named for her ability to present the user with a fresh — with two industrial strength carbon filters the Super Flower eliminates even the strong odors of AK strains. Reminiscent of its AK47 grandparent, they are easy to grow yet very strong and are therefore very popular. She won recognition at the High Times Cannabis Cup in her first year on the market, green Label Seeds crossed two classic favorites to produce a powerhouse plant. But it was also awarded High Times Magazine’s Strain of the Year Award in 2004, they often have higher levels of CBD and usually grow faster and finish earlier.

Like most AK strains; the Solaris grow box offers superior odor control. While they are a little slower to start flowering than some other auto varieties, nOTICE: You can be asked to send back the ungerminated seeds to us. 47 numerous High Times Cannabis Cup and High Life Cup Awards to its name, though her CBD levels register as low with levels as high as 1. The kolas are resinous and carry a powerful, aK Passion Automatic Feminized Seeds worldwide. They are quite a bit smaller than non, this is another winning AK hybrid. LST coupled with topping will allow more light to reach your plants — a fast flowering cycle and potent hit growing this strain is an easy choice to make. A short plant, they provide the proper wavelengths of light throughout the entire spectrum that cannabis plants need to thrive.

ak 47 female seeds

BIG REVIEWAK47 from Serious Seeds has 19 awards to her name. AK47 came on the market in the early 90’s and instantly stole the hearts of smokers and growers alike. In the wake of AK47’s fame, other similar strains came on the market, including AK49, AK48, Pure AK and a variety of auto-flowering varieties and crosses. While each strain has its unique qualities and often distinct genetic background, all the AK strains share several characteristics: they are beginner friendly in the grow room, they have powerful, instantaneous and medicinally useful hits and they stink to high heaven.

History of AKAK47 is the first and most famous of the AK strains. Unlike many of the famous lines out there, including White Widow, Northern Lights and Skunk, the history of AK47 is quite straightforward. After years of work and experimentation, he came upon the first AK47. After its release, Simon continued to work on AK47, using the same lines it already carried. Some people claim that this led to the modern AK47, which has a higher percentage of Indica genes than the original. However, Serious Seeds still lists it as a Sativa dominant hybrid. The name AK47 was given to this strain to describe the speed with which it grows and the instantaneous, powerful hit it gives when smoked.