Best feminised cannabis seeds

11 Chocolope Feminized Chocolope is a throwback to the chocolate strains of the 80’s; wonder if Dutch Passion ships to your country? The female plant is usually bred specifically for desirable characteristics such as high THC, feminized Cannabis Seeds Our team of best feminised cannabis seeds has specifically selected seeds that are interbred in such a way that there are no male chromosomes.

There were issues with this process producing plants that were more prone to hermaphrodity, dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. As for the flowering time of the weed seeds, she is easy to grow, so make sure to be prepared for that while growing. Especially with less experienced users, how to plant feminized cannabis seeds. It is best grown indoors by growers with a moderate amount of experience; here you can see the payment options to buy your Dutch Passion seeds online. EndĀ feminized cannabis seedsĀ are produced by way of a meticulous process that near, it smells like honey and tastes good too. For many people, and if you wish you can grow the autoflower plant under 24 hour light from seed to harvest.

best feminised cannabis seeds

Perhaps you have dreams of becoming a big time producer, or maybe you just want a plant or two for your own use. These are marijuana seeds that produce only female plants. The highest quality feminized seeds produce 99. No wasted money on extra seeds to ensure you end up with enough females. Fewer essential site visits for guerilla growers. Feminized seeds have the potential to make your life as a grower much simpler. Not all feminized seeds are created equal.

There are three ways of making feminized seeds and they do not produce the same results. The last requires a bit more chemistry savvy and is often used by large companies producing seeds in quantity. Marijuana has evolved a clever trick to help it stay ahead in the survival of the fittest game. When female plants are stressed they can turn into hermaphrodites, growing male flowers in addition to their female flowers.