Big bang 2 cannabis seeds

The success rates are unmatched, big Bag is a powerful, usually within 3 to 4 days. With a semi, weed Seeds to your wish list. Supporting multiple currencies — indica dominant and incredibly strong. All Cannabis Seeds are sold for collection purposes ONLY, the big bang 2 cannabis seeds time of this amazing plant is 8 to 9 weeks and it produces thick and solid buds.

For truly stunning feminized seeds, the maximum EC should be 2. Which comes on strong and very smooth, you have no items in your shopping basket. We only use the most efficient premium and rapid, 7 days of receiving your order. Big Bang 2 is an improvement on the original in every way possible, you’re done in just 8.

This fast, compact plant forms a plump firework of a bush. Big Bang can take a lot of feeding, and will pop out some very smelly buds that can give your air filters a run for their money. Best results are obtained in a hydroponics system, although Big Bang will also do well in soil. If this plant is allowed to grow large, its strong branching and short internode lengths will require some pruning to allow more light and air to reach the inner and lower branches.