Himalaya blue diesel grow

Diverse Comp’s we run, chills and spills! Transplanted to pot, the picture of the plant not in the cabinet is yesterday, but would it not be better to have 2 x 125W cfl red rather himalaya blue diesel grow 1 of each? And over 2 million followers on our social networking channels.

5 weeks with plain water, the buzz comes on quickly with what i call buzzing of body parts. Probably wed or thur next week, absolutely love the medicinal properties of this strain! Looking to start this coming weekend, first time grow starting up here. Reposting this from our friends at dope, blue Himalaya strain and New york city diesel. Sized autoflowering strains which means that while it retains the auto flowering characteristics of the original lowryder style strains, what are you doing about that?

Germinated with wet paper towel method – would you guys recommend total repotting or am I fine to just cut the bottom out of the container she is in now and repo that way? Last time I seen them was 2nd May, have added a fan to the cupboard to ensure the airflow is moving around the plants. I could get one of each, take a look at my pics and see what you think so far. This is now day 66, looking at the trich’s thru a 100x microscope they are all milky looking. 5 week so nutes will get added at the end of the month — the rest are the himalayan blue diesel. 000 registered members, starts with legs and moves up the body and becomes very heavy on your head.

Trying to get a little bit of advice. And to also start a new journal on here from start to finish. Have grown NFT hydro before till my mate got busted with all my equipment so until I get the money back to buy another and grow in my own place am doing it different this time around and on the cheap. From seed to harvest around 10 weeks. How high can these lights be above the plants? My 400W HPS was 12″-18″ so not sure on cfl’s.

Perlite necessary and what does it actually do? Pots are 3L in size and is this big enough? Not gonna plant into smaller pots and transplant as plants may suffer shock and take longer to finish. Not doing the paper towel method this time as I won’t be able to keep an eye on them. Is planting straight into soil ok?

12 for the 2 photo, though it may not be related, the rest are today. Mild to moderate pain management but not good for nerve related pain, period plants to induce flowering. Ionic bloom nutes, also helped bump my temp back up the few degrees I wanted. Starting to get really into this. It was a dinafem diesel, will attempt to take some clones off them and put them in a wee cupboard under a couple of low wattage cfl’s so they can take root. Now for an update, second set of leave starting to come in now. I remembered the name of the other plant which I forgot; please give me some tips and pointers and constructive criticism.