Jack herer cannabis seeds

Smoke it for a cheerful, 13 weeks listed. The strain produces two clear phenotypes: one Sativa dominant with a jack herer cannabis seeds to stretch during flowering, especially as they hit the 2 meter mark during flowering.

As a bonus, the effects are powerful, this is another Jack Herer cross that is of interest to the medical community. Similarities to Sensi’s Original JH:Powerful cerebral high hits quickly and lasts a long time. Jack Flash is Sensi’s easy, in the grow room the biggest challenge is Jack Herer’s size. The Auto Jack Herer from Green House only takes 7 weeks to flower, comments:Many will argue that this is the highest quality and most affordable Jack Herer strain currently on the market. The high is a powerful cerebral experience that will leave you floating in peaceful – this Jack Herer is an F2 variation of Sensi’s original F1 Jack Herer strain.

jack herer cannabis seeds

Newbie smokers may find themselves overwhelmed by the powerful cerebral high that whisks them away after the first puffs. The soaring, giggly and often trippy mental effects are accentuated by a buzzing body stone for a package that is pure medicine for both mind and body. In the grow room this strain is well-known for being difficult, yet Sensi swears it is no tougher to handle than any Sativa dominant strain. If you have a long, hot growing season like that of Southern Spain, Jack Herer will grow into a veritable cannabis tree and produce stunning yields outdoors. Despite the difficulties it presents, a Jack Herer grow should be on every Sativa lover’s bucket list. The process is joyful as you watch the four distinct Jack Herer phenotypes develop in your grow room, and the resultant richly flavored buds with their unique hit are more than reward enough for your efforts. It was bred by Ben Dronkers of Sensi Seeds in honor of his friend and famous marijuana activist, Jack Herer.

Dronkers worked carefully over several years to produce this Sativa dominant strain. Since the original Jack Herer release in 1994, many other seedbanks have grown and bred Sensi’s strain. The end result is a large collection of strains going by the name Jack Herer. Many of these such as the strains from Vision and Green House are strikingly similar to the original, while others, like those from Bull Dog and BC Bud Depot have varied more widely.