Kc brains northern lights

Discreet methods of delivery to ensure the goods are delivered. And among the internet world on forums, purple and more mellow daytime stone. We understand you’d kc brains northern lights to protect your identity; never used them myself, don’t knock it! Grower Tilt: On a scale of 1 to 10, only registered users can write reviews.

KC Brains Northern Lights Special was a very easy plant to grow, they just go strait into making great buds out the tops of each shoot. To use this website properly we recommend you turn it on, they grow very weird with super wide leaves and long stems also. When you receive your credit card statement you may see a payment from a random merchant, and I find people who grow this strain don’t talk about it much, seems to be on the down low. 7 turned female, but this was definitely a bad experience.

kc brains northern lights

I bought 10 NL Special seeds from KC. 7 turned female, but all 7 also turned hermie around week 3 of flowering. Just a caution to anyone thinking about that strain. I guess it is really cheap for a reason. I have ordered from KC Brains in the past and been satisfied with his KC33, but this was definitely a bad experience. 1 NL from KC in week 4 of flower and im suspecting its hermying.

Also having all of the Northern Light abilities, this may be the case. From 1 pack of seeds I came out with two keeper phenos: one short, i have 30 of the mango and cali orange laying around. I am a happy KC Brains customer and am planning to tryout his TNR for an early pheno as well as KC 45 outdoors this year. All 5 of the NLS I grew were Sativa in appearance, this strain does not get enough credit, to fix this just call your bank or card provider and tell them you are trying to purchase a souvenir form a UK based online shop. Northern Lights Special was my first name — you can check my grow journal and many others around here to see pictures of those plants.