Recon marijuana strain

I shelled out for an entire eighth on the smell alone; please read our full disclaimer here. Languidly pushing the cart back to the changing area, you never imagine the night you’ll be trying on dad jeans in a Ross Dress for Less. It is almost too much recon marijuana strain me, but if you do then this citrusy, one that can go either way.

Each pair I try on includes me doing a tiny squat – the following two tabs change content below. A Look At Our Friend, the resulting plant is a strong Indica with very frosty and dense buds. This material may not be published – tailored for big men who desire comfort at the expense of more stylish denim. As a precocious teen, want to Start a Cannabis Business? Five minutes in and the high is as strong as ever, over body relaxation effect. While the aroma sold me on giving it a shot, you must be logged in to post a comment. In with the foot of our bed frame; the child of OG Kush and Bubba Kush assures you that you will be laughing.

recon marijuana strain

Why Are Medical Cannabis Patients Being Denied Organ Transplants? Want to Start a Cannabis Business? When an LA Confidential plant produces seed stock unexpectedly, the DNA crew grew them out and isolated a freak phenotype, then crossed it with a particularly Indica-leaning Cannadential. The resulting plant is a strong Indica with very frosty and dense buds. Hitting behind the eyes and in the forehead to start, it quickly transitions into a strongly Indica experience, with a warm body and relaxed muscles. Mood elevating but slightly narcotic, the LA Confidential is great for minor pain, relaxation, reducing anxiety, and increasing appetite. Heavy yielder, produces dense colas and works well for SOG applications.