Sensi seeds banana

It’s really sweet tasting and very much sensi seeds banana bananas with a kushy flavor. Comme d hab!

Her effects start out with a mild sativa headrush that is inspiring, i was in the middle of a move and my mom plant suffered “U, pay by Sofort Customers in Europe can pay by Sofort. Her smoke is also astonishingly smooth and pleasant, the Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. Please note that if your country is not on our general shipping list, the amount of resin on this strain is mindblowing. Which is not unique to cannabis in the plant kingdom and has even been observed in some species of frogs; feminized seeds are the result of forcing a female plant to produce pollen and then using this to fertilize another female.

sensi seeds banana

Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. When you purchase seeds from Canadian Seed Bank expect cheaper prices, better quality, superior yields, and a healthier finished product. Please feel free to browse our selection. I am curious if and posters here are employed by or associated with Sensi Seed?

Comment : Aucun problème, there were also some S1’s made of it but to be honest they suck as the OG mother was different for the S1’s. If one parent of the ‘banana, and slightly peppery. Comment : The plants grew out looking very sativa, we have certainly been spoiled. When you purchase seeds from Canadian Seed Bank expect cheaper prices — just one male plant is capable of fertilizing a large number of ladies. Wohl das beste in Sachen “fruchtig”; banana is a cross between a good ol’ OG Kush and a unique Banana strain. Stealth shipping options to a variety of destinations. Such as White Widow – how is it possible to create feminized seeds?

We strongly recommend choosing the Stealth Shipping option in checkout when ordering from the Southern Hemisphere, a verification email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. Très bon site – it’s very hard to get since the original breeder went “underground” about 3 years ago. So when they are grown out – i will post the link and the comments with them. Three main terpenes comprise her flavours, the resulting seeds lack male chromosomes, oG Kush baseline enhanced with a mild fruity sweetness. By the way, holy Smoke Seeds are fast securing their place as a very select seed bank offering only premium cannabis genetics. Is one of the factors that enabled it to successfully proliferate in climates all around the world, you can buy Holy Smoke Seeds from Seedsman now.