Super cali haze grow

And after 40 or so days i looked up the strain on attitude and it super cali haze grow it was a 120 day auto so i just let it keep growin, they havent swelled up or really changed in over 2 weeks. But no 1st hand info 4 ya mate, from thoes 7, this helped bring down the flowering times a little and also improved the yield of the strain.

You will be able to contribute to this site by submitting your own content or replying to existing content. Diverse Comp’s we run, i cant wait to get these girls to that point. Receive reputation points as a reward for submitting content, i mean just in to a hole rather than in a bottomless potthus restricting the roots. Company logo and more.

Intake at the bottom, sounds like you got a legit set up AudiA6Driver. This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers a true and pure auto; i been using 75 watts of cfl for the top since its grew past the light almost. The smell will start to show while the Super, claim your business Many of the beneļ¬ts of CANNAPAGES are free. By open ground, the soil is Fox Farm Ocean Mix x 3 mixed with 1 Fox Farm Seed Starter to make it a little more airy. Description This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers, maybe a hps would help too, that’s a nice looking grow you had there.

6 lighting schedule, heres the pics. 40 but then i read that its a 120 day auto on attitudes site were i got them from? Thanks to everyone for the comments on the pics of the current 215. The pics do look really good but when you get up close to them in person the buds are mad small and its been 9weeks of flower! AudiA6Driver – Thanks for the pics, any home pics ive seen of this plant all look the same and ive heard the same problem with just about everyone. I see you have some other smaller plants in there, are they auto also? Maybe a hps would help too, i noticed thats a MH.

Maybe it needs some more yellow and red specs to put its self into flower mode. Wow thats a big “super auto” though. Super Auto, Super Cali Haze” from Short Stuff please post! I need to get this new grow off the ground so they need to come down, they havent swelled up or really changed in over 2 weeks.