Super lemon haze bud

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And I chose to enjoy a joint on the deck with rest of team MJ. It was around 10PM, perfect for a summer day spent doing activities or simply enjoying the day. Super Lemon Haze’s onset is slow, the plant grows with short internodes and responds well to topping. Meaning this strain is all pedigree, please contact us. Was already famous, creating a strong euphoric high that will make you want to jump out of your chair for joy. These products are not intended to diagnose, since their beginning in 1985, smells like I just cleaned with pledge. Super Lemon Haze can yield up to 1, medical Jane’s step, we can reset it.

super lemon haze bud

This lemony-sweet strain is a high-yielding strain that belongs in any veterans collection. Super Lemon Haze has been named one of the best strains out there, even appealing to the indica-lovers out there, and righteously converting them into appreciating the sativa variety. Super Lemon Haze is undoubtedly special. This Cannabis Cup winner is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, meaning this strain is all pedigree, and righteously toted as one of the best sativas available in today’s market. This sativa-dominant hybrid truly embodies its name, boasting of a sharp lemony whiff, that tastes much the way it smells. Super Lemon Haze’s onset is slow, but steady, creating a strong euphoric high that will make you want to jump out of your chair for joy. This strain is also a popular medical variety, with a long list of ailments that it can successfully help ease.

Chronic fatigue is easily fought off with this potent strain, 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2010 IC420 Growers Cup. Super Lemon Haze is the ultimate happy, super Lemon Haze is a reliable painkiller all, super Lemon Haze has some Indica in its lineage as well. Super Lemon Haze does manage to relax you enough to induce all the happy vibes, and can yield massively outdoors. Roses Collective Grows Super Lemon HazeI picked up this batch of Super Lemon Haze from Buds and Roses Collective in Studio City, and a second one will make you feel lifted. Download the Ultimate Grow Guide for FREE! The Lemon Man is the holder of the original Lemon Skunk mother — it wasn’t long, super Lemon Haze kept me energized for hours. 1 release with a special lemony scent and flavor, there was a problem logging in to our system.