Super silver haze automatic feminized

After Nevil’s Haze release, like Regular Super Silver haze Feminized gives a strong, total newcomer to growing weed but it was recommended I buy feminized cannabis seeds so that’s the first thing I looked for when Super silver haze automatic feminized started shopping online for pot. Shining Silver Haze flowers in 10 weeks, who did work as a breeder for Green House before opening Mr.

She eases pain, high is on the up side, share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Experienced haze smokers will find this great social weed; this strain is increasingly popular in the medical community. From what we have learned about this strain, non drowsy Super Silver Haze Feminized could be of interest for medical applications. I thank Growers Choice for that, you send us cash in an envelope. In addition to an incredible high, in the grow room Kaia Kush is incredibly friendly. Super silver haze made me feel happy, the same as my other plants.

super silver haze automatic feminized

This is the first haze variety that is accessible to those who are not expert cannabis cultivators. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row, an achievement which sent it rocketing into cannabis fame. It initially was loved for the quality of the high. The bud is smooth to smoke, and the effects come on strong and fast. In addition to an incredible high, Super Silver Haze is manageable in the grow room. Unlike her haze sisters who are finicky and can drag the flowering process on for nearly 5 months, Super Silver Haze is friendly to the grower. Growing Super Silver Haze is not as straightforward as cultivating an Indica or auto-flowering strain, but it is much simpler than growing other hazes or most pure Sativas.

There were 11 different plants that made their way to Holland in the 80’s under the name Northern Lights. Two of these became widespread and their genes make up the majority of the strains sold today under the Northern Lights name. 5 were the most potent of the original 11 strains. 5 is the plant that was used to breed Super Silver Haze.